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 Cromo NB (Milan Italy) For nearly 100- years, Cromo NB (Milan Italy) has been the home of many of the world’s leading contemporary Masters of Fine Art. Many original renderings created by Simeone, Bianchi, Secchi, and Bonelli. These Fine Artists were among the many notable contemporary Masters who found their way to Cromo NB during this last century. As a result, the fine art produced by Cromo NB is among the best and most recognizable in our Catholic community throughout the World!

 CNB Basevi / Cromo NB USA is the licensor agent for Cromo NB in these United States. CNB Basevi along with Saint Francis Cromo of Burbank California would like to make the CNB Collection of Fine Art available to you and your Creative Director for use in your next appeal. We will gladly assist your people in the creative process, and are available to produce all or in part your direct mail and premium packages.
100 Year History
  Saint Francis Cromo - Premiums.
We have worked successfully with Profit and Non-Profits, Religious Catalog, and Direct Marketing organizations. Our clients in the Catholic Charities are amazed at how well the Cromo NB artwork and premiums resonate with a donor base in their catholic fundraising. Many factors contribute, but the classic and traditional are always received well.

You can feel confident with Cromo NB, CNB Basevi and Saint Francis Cromo. We are experienced and hold very high standards for not only the artistic, but also the ethical and professional sides of our business relationship. Our reputation is untarnished, and you can be sure that your organization will be in good company as perceived by your most important critic – your donor base!

In our design studios in Italy we employ 10 of the finest Italian designers, we produce many designs per month for many of our market sectors in addition to our vault of unpublished artwork which we have begun to index and catalog. Our printing facilities in Italy and Slovakia can handle from small to large print projects including printing for Hallmark of France and Hallmark of Spain which we currently do. If you require a special design or concept we have the capability to produce it with our design team your exact specifications.

We look forward to see how we can make your next appeal a successful one! Call us Today so that we can discuss how we can help with your next appeal and give you access to our portfolio, whether for Mass Cards, Prayer cards and Greeting Cards of all Occasions.

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