Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

We design and produce a vast line of stationery from prayer cards, greeting cards for all occasions, mass cards, and more featuring our exclusive owned designs from the Cromo NB studios Italy. 

What do you specialize in?

Designing an Appeal that will resonate with your donors.

Are your prices competitive?

Our Designs are all made in Italy and we produce 98% of our products and printed stationery items in Europe. We work with many organizations who work with companies who produce products in Asia, we know to be price-conscious with our high-quality products made in Europe that your donors will appreciate more.

Can you produce a whole appeal mail project?

We design all types of Greeting Cards, Mass Cards and envelopes, and stationery to match the appeal. While we produce mostly stationary we work with partner companies to do fulfilling and mailing services. As well we can work with your fulfilment/mailer.

Do you license your images for projects?

We do license our images for certain projects and also construction sites as churches, schools, cemeteries. Such requests are as per project consideration.

Would you work with our design people?

We will work with your creative team to share files and provide files in the creative process and approval files before production.

What size of mailings can you produce?

We produce from hundreds to millions depending on your project. We have a production facility in Europe where we produce over 4 million pieces of products per month while delivering all projects on time.

Where are your products made ?

We design 100% in Italy with our designers and we produce our products in our printing and production facilities in Slovakia as well as Italy.

Do you own your designs?

Cromo NB Italy was founded on January 10th, 1927 by Giacomo Basevi, called Nino (that is why the letters N.B. is featured on the company name). Since its start, it has employed some of the most iconic Italian Painters in History which include many of the masterpieces of Adolfo Simeone, Lippi, Bianchi, Secchi, Bonelli, and others to name just a few. In Italy and Slovakia, there is a balance of basement systems with temperature control that house many of the originals. In the USA Saint Francis Cromo currently has 2 Simeone originals on loan for travel shows and displays.

Since its early days Cromo NB has employed many artists and designers that have amassed countless originals that are in the Cromo NB vaults that we offer and use for our clients. All the designs are meticulously catalogued and copyrighted.

Who is Cromo NB USA

Cromo NB USA is a division of CNB Basevi, the company that licenses, and handles all the sales and marketing for Cromo NB Italy for the Non-Profit markets in the United States.


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About us

We design products with our extensive copyrighted library of art from Italy to create a successful appeal to donors. From design to producing the final front end or back end premium.  Great Quality, Great Service, Great Value. Contact us today.